Self Assessment

With Christmas and the New Year out of the way, our thoughts turn to the first milestone of the year, submitting our self assessment returns.  When the original paper return forms arrived last Apri


Trying to figure out capital gains for an uk resident individual on share disposals from 2002 onwards.   Having difficulty finding information on the various changes to CGT during those years.   Pr


I'd be really grateful for some help to confirm my understanding of what I need to do on my tax return form this year.


I have a client who has income from employment, but also has sizeable losses from self employment - rental properties.


When the heat is on it is very easy to get things wrong. AccountingWEB tax editor Rebecca Benneyworth provides a few top tips to carry you over Christmas and into January. 


We use PTP software for online filing of SA returns. I seem to recall that we can file a return without a 64-8, if we have the UTR and the NI number of the client.


As the 31 January Self Assessment deadline draws closer, many accountancy practices across the UK are gearing up for their busiest of the year.


As part of their support for AccountingWEB’s Self Assessment Zone, Tolley is carrying out an interactive pol

HMRC report that last Self Assessment season 78% of all returns were filed online (just under 7m).

In her recent round of tax lectures, Rebecca Benneyworth warned that reforms to the p