Self Assessment

HMRC estimates of tax owed by someone who hasn’t filed a return has the same force as a self-assessment tax return and can’t be appealed until a return is filed, the upper tier tribunal ruled.



I'm a UK Non-Resident and live in the United States. I've recently incorporated my company online with Companies House.


I have a client who has never submitted tax returns.  He is now obliged to file them since 10/11 because he is a director of his own limited company.


My client who works for Microsoft in the UK and is a UK resident, recently sold there stock option shares on Smith Barney and as part of the process, 40% tax was automatically withheld during the s


Is it just me or does HMRC's own software calculate tax on interest incorrectly?


I have this afternoon been advised that because of industrial action planned for 31 January, HMRC has taken an early decision not to impose penalties for late filed 2011 returns which are filed on


Client (new) has dividend income but has never registered with HMRC and has no UTR. 2011 is the first year that dividends have been received. The income is high enough to trigger a liability (i.e.


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I have an issue regarding my tax which I would like some advice on. My issue is as follows: