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Self Assessment

I submitted a provisional self assessment return for 2011 based on best information available at the time, to limit penalties. It was late and penalties had been incurred.


Ok strange question. A tax payer under Sch E with P11D bens has not submitted his SA for 2005 / 2006 and 2006 /2007. The rest of the returns are submitted and are up to date.


With self assessment season fast approaching what’s your view on last-minute, or ‘shoe box’, clients?


The 31 October can be a frightening day for many practitioners, but not in the way you might think.


In an ideal world, clients would send their self assessment information to their accountant well before the January deadline, says

I was wondering if someone can help me, I have recently qualified AAT and I am looking at doing self assessments in my spare time, a family friend asked to talk to me today, they are employed and a


As 2013 draws to a close, AccountingWEB has re-launched its Self Assessment Zone

Like it or not, self assessment season is creeping up on us.