self employment

Last week we read in the news that the ranks of the self employed have swelled as a result of changes to benefits.

Many accounting firms are likely to see their profits decline and some may even go bust when new tax rules for limited liability partnerships (LLPs) start in April, an expert has predicted.


Hi I am starting out in practice (providing my services under the auspices of CIMA) and looking for a contunity partner.

Draft regulations setting out conditions and procedures for claimants of the proposed Universal Credit (UC) will impose new reporting requirements that put the self-employed at a disadvantage, tax


I've been working in practice for 10 years now and gained ACCA a few years back.  We are a small practice and the owner is rather stuck in his ways about how things are done.  Unfortunately, one of


I am interested to know whether, apart from excess profits being treated as taxable income, there are any downsides to IR35.  If one is quite happy to pay tax and NHI as if fully salaried and is on


Have a friend who has come to me in a bit of a panic, looking for help. Not really my area, so looking for advice.



I am considering registering as Self Employed. I had a PAYE contract recently, so all tax was paid for me etc. The contract began more than three months ago and finished last month.


Andy Vessey considers how much longer celebrities can avoid the IR35 trap door.


I am a basic rate taxpayer. In 09-10 I did 2 weeks self employed work as an exam marker and filled in all the forms with HMRC. I also told them when this ceased.  My earnings were approx £300.