So how do you go from nothing to the top of’s natural search? This is a massive question and not one easily answered.


The director of a search engine optimisation (SEO) company has been disqualified for seven years for failing to keep adequate accounting records following an


We like a lot of other companies use Google to drive draw to our web site in order t


Marketing and PR are seen by some accountants as fluffier aspects of their work.



I started my practice less than one year back

I get calls regularly from companies promising to get my simple wordpress website on the first page and not using google adwords.


From my desk there are 6 firms of accountants at least within a few hundred yards and 3 of them I can see from the window .


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Mark Lee talks with Onvizi Nick Rink, who reveals various SEO techniques accountants can use to ensure they are found more often by prospects searching online.


Leveraging online tools, social media and creative design can turn a droll website into a profit-making centre for your accounting practice, says Hugh Duffy.


AccountingWEB’s marketing discussion group has been exploring how to use their websites to generate