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A man, a plan, a canal, Panama as the palindrome goes. Well, rather a lot of men and a lot of plans.


It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, a bright spark in David Cameron’s mind.


Morsels of information in the Autumn Statement report indicate that by 2020 individual taxpayers will be expected to report and pay their liabilities every quarter via their new digital tax acc

What exactly do we spend our taxes on?


There are times when you wonder whether complications are introduced to tax out of sheer bloody-mindedness when a simpler and more equitable solution might be available.


HMRC’s survey (referred to by Rebecca Cave recently) shows the


There has been discussion of late on the ideal structure for a tax system, but it seems to me that this cannot be discussed in purely technical terms.


This was suggested by members of the PAC when they questioned Dave Hartnett and Edward Troup recently: It is hardly a new perception being an article of faith for the FSB and many others, says

Several legendary English cricketers, including key members of the 2005 Ashes winning team, are facing “very substantial” bills for payment of tax as a result of their involvement in film inves


Well you always complained, didn’t you, that people wouldn’t take an interest in tax. And now perhaps they do, says Simon Sweetman. Be careful, as they say, what you wish for.