Simon Sweetman

The day the HSBC news officially broke I had this phone call from Radio 5 Live asking me to come on air and comment, says Simon Sweetman.


First of all the person at HMRC who suggested taxpayers use Twitter to contact them because they can’t get through on the phone: Something which sounds to me like


Nearly Christmas so why not think about charity. Eh? Get that soft cozy glow, perhaps, says Simon Sweetman.


Boris Johnson has said that he is refusing to pay a US Capital Gains Tax assessment on the sale of his home in London, says Simon Sweetman.


Well we all know the story, don’t we?


The Office of Tax Simplification (whom God preserve) has produced its report on the tax competitiveness of UK tax administration.

The OECD is worried about tax tourism. The USA is worried about tax tourism.


It has always seemed that the exemption from CGT for the main residence was one of those things so ineluctably British that nobody could ever meddle with it, even


HMRC has commissioned a report into Business Record Checks (BRCs) and attitudes towards record keeping. That seems to make sense.


The High Income Tax Benefit Charge (HITBC) has led to problems, with many people who