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I have for a long time resisted the upgrade from £5 phone to smartphone . The thought of being "on call" from all fronts all the time just did not appeal to me


The rivalry between Samsung and Apple is fast becoming the new Coke v Pepsi of the tech world, and Samsung's latest S4 certainly gives Apple something to be nervous about.


Ever since apps burst into the mainstream when the iPhone first appeared, they have multiplied exponentially.


The latest market research figures suggest that mobile’s much derided misfits are putting up a serious fight, says Gail Purvis.

Malware attacks on mobile phones – particularly mobile those using Google’s Android operating system - are on the rise according to security firm Sourcefire.

Every month new challengers come forward to take on Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone. John Stokdyk assesses the merits of HTC’s latest contender.


Xcentric vice president of Market Strategy Roy Keely guest blogs on the demise of boredom, via our US sister website


Will a test drive with the iPhone 4S cure John Stokdyk of his gadget envy?

For years I have resisted the zombie-like devotion that iPhone users focus on their mobiles.


A couple of weeks with Samsung’s widescreen smartphone introduced John Stokdyk to the world of Android.