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While some accountants win new clients through the force of their personality and reputation, more and more are reliant on their website and social media activity,


Mark Lee explains how you can get the best from social media by sharing some personal related material, but not too much.


For as far back as I can recall the media has asked commentators and consultants to predict what the New Year will bring for accountants, says Mark Lee.


HMRC is exploring ways of reaching self assessment customers via email and even social media as part of a new electronic communications service.


Revenue inspectors are increasingly turning to Google Street View as a monitoring tool to catch suspected tax evaders, according to


There is widespread confusion on the subject of social media among employees at the top 100 accounting firms, according to n


Mark Lee has long recognised that many accountants are just not interested in social media. He asks if their cynicism is justified.


Social media sites have paved its way in the business scene. Gone are the days when Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are solely used to keep in touch with friends and family members.

Social media is constantly mentioned as the latest, greatest and best of all free marketing tool.


For the past three years Grant Thornton has taken a proactive approach to social medi