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For the past three years Grant Thornton has taken a proactive approach to social medi


Do you use Instagram?

Given the launch of Instagram's new video service, the aptly named Instavideo, AccountingWEB has joined Instagram! 

6 president and CEO Jeremy Roche explains how connected apps and devices are improving cross-departmental communication and coll

Social media is proving to be somewhat of a hotbed of leads for financial authorities across the world, and this most recent case is one solid example.


LinkedIn has made a raft of changes in recent months to beef up contact features, profile options and online content from high profile 'influencers'.


In this final part of the series, I will focus on the topic that is probably of most interest to start-up practices and indeed to more established firms too:

If you are the sort of accountant who has no interest in social media then please don’t bother reading this article, explains M


Tweetdeck UK has been dissolved after directors failed to file accounts with Companies House (CH) for eight months.

In this fifth part of his Linkedin series for start-ups Mark Lee explains how you can use the groups facility for lead generation.


News reached AccountingWEB this week that