soft skills

Accountants need more than just technical know-how to steer their businesses in the right direction.


After hearing from an accountant who was threatened by a new client, Mark Lee has been thinking about how to handle such situations.


An informal survey of working styles and personality types among accountancy practitioners has revealed that sociable, outgoing individuals dominate the prof


This light-hearted quiz is presented in association with CCH Software to help practitioners identify their working styles and habits.


John Stokdyk shares some ideas on mindfulness from a moment of calm insight at the recent Accountex event.


The recovering economy could see the return of skills shortages and competition for talent as new opportunities emerge to lure frustrated employees away.

It goes without saying that accounting is not just about technical skills.

Mark Lee highlights 10 techniques accountants can use to improve the likelihood that clients will follow their guidance.


The chartered accountancy careers of the future are unlikely to be like those of the past, writes

Mark Lee looks to stimulate debate about the skills required for successful practice by challenging assumptions that intellectual intelligence and technical prowess matter most.