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soft skills

It goes without saying that accounting is not just about technical skills.

Mark Lee highlights 10 techniques accountants can use to improve the likelihood that clients will follow their guidance.


The chartered accountancy careers of the future are unlikely to be like those of the past, writes

Mark Lee looks to stimulate debate about the skills required for successful practice by challenging assumptions that intellectual intelligence and technical prowess matter most.


Alex Miller suggests 13 major traits that employers will be expecting from trainees in 2013.

A recent study of technology and media FDs by BDO revealed some of the secrets of wielding quiet influence within the boardroom. John Stokdyk shares some of their tips.

I didn’t intend to begin this series with a bit of moralising – and I’m not really sure where it’s come from, and yet when you begin to think about what really matters in business some moralising d


In fact, maybe I should ask "who says ANYONE can multi-task?" My wife is a classic multi-tasker - that is to say her head is full of a million tasks and she tries to do as many as she can simultane


In August, AccountingWEB member Peter Saxton touched a nerve when he complained, “Clients see