soft skills

Having spent 30 years as a leadership consultant, RA Consultancy’s Colin Reeve is still in awe of those who develop and practi

Soft skills: aka transferable skills, behavioural competencies, interpersonal, or people skills - they don’t sound very, well, serious, do they?


With the London 2012 Olympics just over a year away and the recent scramble to get hold of tickets, Olympic hype is well and truly here.

Communications consultant Olivia Chute says PowerPoint can be a valuable tool - if you use it with purpose and care. Banish your presentational fears with her introductory guide.

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Peter Clayton continues his popular series of advice by focusing on posture and eye contact in that crucial first meeting.

Bernie DeSouza explains why it’s more important than ever to build better relationships with clients and other professionals.

Mark Lee suggests some of the methods accountants can use when dealing with difficult clients, colleagues, partners and tax officers.


The demands of being in practice leaves very little time for anything else, but neglecting your personal development as a leader can spell disaster for your business, explains Finola McManus.