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soft skills

With Wimbledon season just around the corner, Keith Hatter outlines what managers can learn from professional tennis players when it comes to training their staff.

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When it comes to face to face meetings, those who lack self belief are let down by their body language.

SWATuk’s Mike Sturgess, sets out some basic principles for effective negotiations.

The biggest problem that we face in any negotiation is that we are dealing with people.


The most powerful weapon any leader has when managing a business is the ability to listen well, argues Judith Fogarty.

Charlie Duff reports on what happened when software company SuccessFactors experimented with a week-long email ban.

Paul Shrimpling outlines how to ethically exert your influence over clients and prospects.


The Beatles weren’t a group, they were a team; and this is a distinction all good managers should make when handling their staff, argues David Winch.


Effective client communication is about more than getting the figures right. Rob Ashton explains how to write financial information in plain English.


Peter Clayton explains how to read eye contact during client meetings and use eye contact to your best advantage.