soft skills

Paul Shrimpling outlines how to ethically exert your influence over clients and prospects.


The Beatles weren’t a group, they were a team; and this is a distinction all good managers should make when handling their staff, argues David Winch.


Effective client communication is about more than getting the figures right. Rob Ashton explains how to write financial information in plain English.


Peter Clayton explains how to read eye contact during client meetings and use eye contact to your best advantage.


You may not have spoken to them for months, but it pays to re-establish contact with those fair-weather clients, argues Jack Downton.


Are you a Simon Cowell manager or a Richard Branson? A new tool promises to help you identify your management style.


Steve Osborne outlines how accountants can improve their emotional intelligence to become more successful leaders.

Most accountants have great technical skills but what sets the best ones apart from the rest is their emotional intelligence, argues Edi Osborne.


Tired of endless meetings that don't solve anything? Jamie-Natalie Cross explains how to make the best of the meeting time you have.

The need for good time management never goes away. This 2005 contribution from training professional Viv Cole challenges some commonly held assumptions about time management.