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We are a growing 3 partner firm, we use Iris for most of our work (including Docs and Open Space) I am now looking for a good quality CRM system that can work with our Iris data.


I wonder if anyone can come up with a non-cynical explanation of why IRIS seem to think they are entitled to a '90 day notice period' for renewal of a product I have bought from them?


RSM’s senior tax partner George Bull has joined the chorus demanding independent oversight of HMRC software standards in the wake of an error that led to thousands of pounds in 


Jessica Mah started inDinero aged 19. By 2011, fresh out of university, Mah had raised over $1m in venture capital.


It’s the mistake no one is publicly willing to admit.


With eyes still heavy from blissful sleep, we at AccountingWEB towers received a vaguely believable email scam this morning – so beware!


I apologize in advance for posting a thread on this topic as I'm certain that this is a question that will have been asked before.


My client has recently taken over a hotel and is looking for software which will not only look after bookings etc but also do the accounts.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Or is it best to