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With eyes still heavy from blissful sleep, we at AccountingWEB towers received a vaguely believable email scam this morning – so beware!


I apologize in advance for posting a thread on this topic as I'm certain that this is a question that will have been asked before.


My client has recently taken over a hotel and is looking for software which will not only look after bookings etc but also do the accounts.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Or is it best to


I was wondering if anybody has any advice for me.

I'm trying to identify an affordable software system for managing motor dealer sales, stockbook, VAT etc.


Recently I identified over 60 pieces of free software that practitioners can use.

But I wondered what free software other accountingweb members found most useful?


This is a question for those of you who use server based accounts software (such as Sage 50, VT, TAS Books, etc)  and cloud software.


When it comes to starting your own business, having the right accounting software can make all the difference – here are some reasons why having the right accounting software is important.

My brother in law is currently living in the USA but is keen to return to the UK for personal reasons -he and his American wife are divorcing.