I think that the latest "Agent Update 28" is cack-handed. It starts straight in about "Payroll Alignment" in very technical and off-putting terms - poor communication.


Cloud business provider Brightpearl has added support for eBay and Magento to giveusers a single view of customers, orders and inventory across


Is it just me or does HMRC's own software calculate tax on interest incorrectly?



This tax season I did all my returns via government gateway but for the next tax season I would like to use software.


You may think this is a stupid question - and possibly it is...


Hi everyone!

I hope I am not breaking the rules by posting this and if I am, I am sorry. I have read the rules and can’t see any mention of it though.


In a tough economy where there is significant pricing pressure and more companies are chasing fewer pounds, accounting firms have to work hard to walk the thin line between profit and loss.

Have any firms out there had experience with any modules of Relate Software, we are interested in the practice management and document management modules, however, I would also be appreciative to h