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At quarter final stage one might presume to pick a winner.


The English Bridge Union failed in its bid to reclaim VAT on £631,000 of tournament fees after a lower tier tax tribunal ruled that bridge was a game rather than


Until recently we were bemoaning the fact that summer was never coming.

HMRC has been refused permission to appeal in its £80m VAT battle against Spot the Ball owners Sportech.

Top foreign rugby players will not receive a “Usain Bolt tax break” during the 2015 World Cup despite the government announcing that non-resident athletes would be


British gambling company Sportech is set to get more than £80m from HMRC after a tribunal found that the

The Treasury has been urged to permanently exempt top overseas sports stars from UK tax to encourage the likes of Usain Bolt to take part in national events.


UEFA withholds prize money of 23 European clubs as it demonstrates it means business with regards to policing its Financial Fair Play (FFP) Rules. Alex Miller reports.


With the new season about to kick off, Alex Miller looks at the financial issues affecting the game and assesses which clubs are best placed to stay competitive in the long term.