start up in practice

You might think that anyone who decides to start their own business would be full of confidence, says Mark Lee.


Mark Lee suggests how start-up firms can describe what they do without simply saying "I'm an accountant".


If you’re a good accountant but you lack any sales skills you will probably struggle to build your practice, warns Mark Lee.


Most of the articles in the


Mark Lee encourages start-up practices to seek help from those who know and care for them best.


Over the years I have noticed a number of similarities in the fears, worries and concerns shared by accountants as they start their own practice, explains Mark Lee


This is the third in a three-part series intended to debunk some of the myths around marketing to build a start-up practice, explains Mark Lee.

Mark Lee follows up his first article in this series with observations regarding popular ideas that may be more trouble than they are worth.


Mark Lee asks whether start-up practices need a business card and highlights common mistakes made by practices with their cards.


Mark Lee explains the three Rs as they could apply to start-up accountancy practices.