start up in practice

Mark Lee asks whether start-up practices need a business card and highlights common mistakes made by practices with their cards.


Mark Lee explains the three Rs as they could apply to start-up accountancy practices.

Well, you need a name, of course. 


AccountingWEB has published a brand new Start up in


I recently started my practice after being made redundant year ago.

After a slow start, gradually picking up more clients.


I only started my practice six months ago is fairly new


Im looking into starting up as a self employed book keeeper and would like to hear about other peoples experiences and any advice in general


Juggling parenthood with a career can be a struggle for anyone, but for two working mums who have just started their own accountancy practice, it’s actually a dream come true.

In his third LinkedIn article for start-ups Mark Lee explains how to use status updates; what works and what’s unlikely to do so.