An increasing number of younger accountants are seeking help and support from ICAEW charity CABA. 


Too many tax returns, too many clients sending information in late, stress at work, bad day, too much to do, too many silly interruptions?

While the vast majority of people working in the profession thoroughly enjoy the Christmas and New Year period, using it as a time to switch off from work and recharge their batteries, there ar

As part of our stress and mental health awareness series on AccountingWEB, member Sir Digby Chicken


Chartered accountants charity CABA has seen a 70% increase in support enquiries on 2011.


Finding rest and respite from the pressures of work can be difficult. Even taking leave can be insufficient to unwind fully and regain drained energy, writes psychotherapist Sherylin Thompson.

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AccountingWEB is putting together a guide to help you cope with stress during the busy Self Assessment period.


The Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) has kicked off a series of four instructional video clips, starting with &l

Evidence has emerged during the past few weeks that the stresses of working as an accountant are taking their toll on the profession.