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We all hoped to leave bullying behind when we left the schoolyard, but the reality is that workplace bullying is alarmingly common.

Another filing deadline has passed and accountants everywhere are returning from well earned holidays, sorting out their delayed filing and undertaking their normal post January housekeeping.

From partners and staff in small accounting firms to management accountants in large corporations, there's no doubt that the job can throw their lives off kilter when the pressure mounts. 


Mental health is very much on every agenda at the moment - both within the profession and on the wider political front


AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk wrote a recent blog describing the experience of sitting in a room with more than 40 accountants at Accountex, who were doi


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Mental health literacy is the extent to which lay people are able to recognise mental illnesses in people that they meet in daily life, writes Mary-Clare Rac


An increasing number of younger accountants are seeking help and support from ICAEW charity CABA. 


Too many tax returns, too many clients sending information in late, stress at work, bad day, too much to do, too many silly interruptions?

While the vast majority of people working in the profession thoroughly enjoy the Christmas and New Year period, using it as a time to switch off from work and recharge their batteries, there ar