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stress management

As your career level increases, so does the amount of pressure you have to deal with.  If you don’t deal with it correctly, it’ll transform into stress, which is incredibly bad for your health


When one stressed, depressed accountant vented about her bleak situation


When CABA produced its Wellbeing Report at the end of 2012, the n


Two of the standout statistics from our recent Wellbeing Survey were that 44% of working chartered accountants say they suffer

With Self Assessment season looming, accountants need to prepare themselves for the tough months ahead. Rachael Power picked up some useful advice from CABA and Carol McLachlan.


AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk keeps bumping into a new buzz word.

Carol McLachlan provides some quick tips to help you cope with stress during the busy season. 

Stress is a common workplace issue, but no industry feels the pressure more during the immediate New Year than deadline-suffering accountants rushing to file last minute tax returns.


AccountingWEB is putting together a guide to help you cope with stress during the busy Self Assessment period.


The Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) has kicked off a series of four instructional video clips, starting with &l