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The French philosopher Guy Debord was a big exponent of historical perspective. History, said Debord, forces people “to view their relations in a clear manner”.


ATT students who have poor broadband were thought to be at a disadvantage since BPP’s manuals are no longer available, but Ross Burgess, BPP’s head of programmes for tax courses, assured studen


Support for education and student finance is high on the government’s agenda and as such there are continual changes undergoing review or consultation:


The BPP Professional Education Group is offering those from 18-23 the chance to become a fully-qualified accountant

We've just started a new blog aimed at students, and have a discussion group running too.


Alex Miller takes a look at why both employers and academics place such emphasis on the ability of trainees to pass their exams at the first time of asking.


As a new generation prepares to enter the profession, Alex Miller takes a look at the career paths ahead of them, and the skills new accountants are going to need.


Alex Miller asks tutors at BPP and LSBF whether accountancy exams have fallen prey to grade inflation, or have become harder in recent years.


Alex Miller takes a look at the drivers for the rising popularity of apprenticeships in the profession. ALEX MILLER reports