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The government has launched its latest initiative to support small firms by offering subsidised business support in the form of


Businesses can now get free help, advice and education from HMRC via a free tax-related email service


Many firms routinely expect their senior professionals to mentor the more junior members of the firm, explains Heather Townsend.


Having listened to countless interviews with our successful Olympic athletes, they have all thanked their support team helping get them to the podium; but, it’s not just athletes who need suppo

Both HMRC and commercial software developers dealt reasonably well with support calls before Christmas, but now that the January Self Assessment season has kicked off in earnest, will they continue


What advise would you give a group of 16 -19 year olds who want to be  accountants?


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A builder client has recently bought Sage Line 50 and the construction industry (CIS) add-on, for which we have dutifully entered the subcontractor details, including those with email addresses.

Andrew Barnes suggests some simple steps to keep your IT up and running without breaking the bank.