Supreme Court

A travel company has won a ‘landmark’ Supreme Court appeal against HMRC and is now in line for a £7.1m VAT refund.

Marks & Spencer has won another court case against HMRC - part of a long legal dispute over the right to claim tax relief from losses at the retailer's now-defunct German and Belgian subsid

The verdict of HMRC’s appeal to the Supreme Court in Cotter v HMRC has now been released.  The case concerned procedural matters as to whether a claim for loss relief was included on a return and t

HMRC has won an important ruling in the Supreme Court which could see it recover £500m in avoided tax.


Loyalty management company Aimia Group, which runs the Nectar loyalty card scheme

Trustees can only unwind mistakes that result in more tax being paid than expected if the trustee acted in breach of trust, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The Supreme Court has ruled that employers are within their rights to force employees to retire if they can prove that there is a public interest reason in doing so.


Vodafone Group has won a landmark $2.6 billion (£1.6bn) case against India’s tax office in a Supreme Court ruling.

The landmark ruling against Seychelles-based billionaire Robert Gaines-Cooper could see thousands of British tax exiles chased for backdated tax.