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At university, I had a lecturer who, after asking a question on social/environmental reporting, commented that we were all ‘typical accountants’.


John Stokdyk experienced an unsettling sense of déjà vu at the recent Cloud World Forum in London.

“Accounting and people are not terms that usually sit easily with each other,” says Robin Roslender, Professor of Accounting & Finance at Dundee University, who has been working on the developm


There are three weeks left for businesses to submit enter the Finance for the Future Awards 2012

As carbon emission specialists keep watch on the Durban-based COP 17 Climate Change talks in South Africa, a recent r

The acounting profession and business community are still reluctant to get to grips on carbon accounting and sustainability issues, but are beginning to come around according to one pioneer in

Anyone else here the News or see the reports in several papers last weekend about the working practices at the Chinese manufacturers of ipads & iphones?  try


Financiers in Edinburgh have joined the race with London and Bristol to become the location for the new Green Investment Bank (GIB) announced in the 23 March Budget.

The next wave of UNIT4 software will “revolutionise reporting and analysis”, according to UK managing director Anwen Robinson.

The slow train towards mandatory carbon reporting is building a head of steam with the publication of a new ranking system for the top 100 UK companies according to their greenhouse gas (GHG) e