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I keep getting emails for Tax Insider - looks quite good

Anyone else subscribed? Is it worth it


Can anyone clarify the correct way to deal with class 2 NIC when reducing payments on account.


This is a genuine question so please don't flame me!

I have a decent working knowledge of tax,no brilliant but OK.


I have a client who has trading for over 3 years but is now closing. No issues with solvency.

Working on a Sat morning, I choose what I though would be a straightforward job, but I am struggling with the computation of estimated income tax for 2016/17.


The biggest data leak in history could put many high profile individuals behind bars. It might also have a significant effect on the racier end of tax avoidance.


I sent a letter to HMRC, PO Box 168, Bootle four weeks ago and a copy of the original letter about ten days ago.

Neither have appeared on the HMRC "system" yet.


We are going to employ an employee who is a non UK resident and lives in a non eu/eea country, he is going to help us manage our IT infrastructure, he has requested that he wants to be payed in pay