Almost half of Scottish voters do not believe that the main UK parties will deliver on their promise to give the Scottish Parliament greater powers over taxes and benefits, according to a poll

There is an important VAT exemption for so-called ‘public interest bodies.’ However, over the past few years, HMRC have won a number of Tribunal cases, successfully arguing that their activities fa


I am dealing with one of my clients who is going to sell his business and will be paying corporation tax on the gain. My question is how should he extract his


I works for a small Recruitment firm who have just completed on placing 2 senior candidate into jobs in Mumbai, India. We are a UK company.


I've just exited from a truly awful HMRC webinar on penalties.


We have a subsidiary in Nigeria, this was incorporated in Oct 2012. The first accounts are 15 months accounts made up to Dec 2014.

The tax year in Nigeria ends 31st Dec.


Scenario 1

Income for the company £100,000

Two staff salary at £24,000

One staff at £10,000



It's all a bit of a minefield for a non-accountant learning as they go - NIC payments, £2k NIC allowance, corp tax, income tax etc.


Have just spent 1/4 of an hour on hold trying to get through to the agent help line.  Same thing the other day too.  I guess they have decided we no longer need priority treatment and can wait ages


I currently live in the UK and run my own small business.