In pursuit of my small practice being more efficient, I am reducing the volume of paperwork I touch.


Submit your VAT EC Sales List Submissions to HMRC directly from Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce.

IIP trust with life tenant passing away so IHT kicks in (It does, this is not the argument or the question). Property valued by Chartered surveyor at £720k which submitted to HMRC.


HMRC has launched online interactive maps, pinpointing various tax criminals and taskforces across the UK. 


By Terry Hayes, Senior Tax Analyst, Thomson Reuters

HMRC is seeking views on whether penalties are having the right effect in a new 



I am a full time employee in the UK paying NI contributions via PAYE.

Hi guys,         I have a problem, just recieved a bill for around £5,000 give or take for unreturned tax returns. Admittedly I knew of this, but I have had a lot of personal problems that have tak