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Quick question:


Its been a while since i came across one of these: A client has received ad divided from an American Depositary Receipt for a UK Co.


I am trying to get my head round Foreign tax credit relief in respect of foreign income from overseas estate of non-domiciled deceased.


Speculating on budgetary changes is a mugs' game and I've been as guilty as any of trying to second guess not only the direction but the destination of travel - following the announcements last yea

My client is a speaker and expert on ecological matters.


In response to a petition against changes to the tax system, HMRC has stated that the new system will not mean submitting quarterly tax returns.

The Upper Tribunal has partially upheld HMRC’s appeal against Associated Newspapers in a complex case involving a voucher-based business promotion scheme.


I am new to this so sorry if this is a silly question. I am helping a relative complete his self assessment form and have a couple of queries.