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Renting out a residential property is a popular way for individuals to increase their annual income, but it is important that responsibilities, such as reporting tax on rental income to HMRC, are n

The concept of Employee Shareholder (ES) Shares was introduced in September 2013.

Under rules introduced in 2014, the owners of a trading company and their employees could benefit from the introduction of a qualifying ”Employee Ownership Trust” (EOT).

In Andrew Michael Higgs v HMRC, the Upper Tax Tribunal held that the taxpayer was entitled to a full refund of overpaid tax, even though the claim went back more than four years, which is the gener

The decision in the case of Joost Lobler was overturned on appeal to the Upper Tier Tribunal (UTT) in January 2015 on the grounds of rectification.

dividends, domicile, oveThe Tax Law Rewrite Project was initiated in 1996 by HMRC in an attempt to make tax legislation more consistent, understandable and clear by removing archaic and impenetrabl

The upper tier tribunal recently overturned the decision in the 2013 first tier tribunal case of Macklin v HMRC.

The case of Dipak Patel v HMRC examines whether or not two trades conducted by the appellant were carried out on a commercial basis with a view to the realisation of profits, or merely as a hobby.

The case of Dennis White v HMRC illustrates the importance of an adequate record keeping system and keeping business and private expenditure separate in a business.

The case of Trevor Anthony Hartland v HMRC examined whether various properties were the taxpayer’s principal private residence (PPR), or whether the sale of the properties amounted to trading asset