tax avoidance

HMRC has published a new consultation, running until 12 March, which sets out proposals to tackle the "serial use" of tax avoidance schemes. 

The European Commission has said it will investigate Luxembourg's controversial tax deal with Amazon.


MPs have raised concerns about the government's decision to introduce a diverted profits tax befor


I run a computer shop that also offers computer repairs in  retail unit inside a shopping centre.


Panto season started early at the Public Accounts Committee this week, where Margaret Hodge and her accomplices grilled heads of tax at both PwC and pharmaceutics


Yesterday, George Osborne, banned the use of Entrepreneurs Relief (ER) to be claimed when an unincorporated business incorporates and creates Goodwill which is then credited to the Driectors Loan A


The government will introduce a diverted profits tax on multinational companies who move profits generated in the UK to lower tax locations overseas.


The Smith Commission has recommended that Holyrood should take almost complete control over income tax.


HMRC and the Treasury do not keep track of tax reliefs intended to encourage particular behaviour to meet social or economic policy objectives, according to the National Audit Office.