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The cleverest part of the Dispatches programme, How the Rich Avoid Tax, on Monday night was its use of an actual


HMRC has told employers using tax avoidance schemes involving "


The small business owner who appeared on the BBC show ‘The town that took on the taxman’ has told AccountingWEB that accountants of multin


Mondelez International, the American owners of Cadbury UK, is facing renewed criticism after a report revealed that it has paid no UK corporation tax since 2010.


While governments and the OECD struggle to get a tighter grip on fiscal revenues lost to global tax avoidance schemes, the

A potential client used a tax avoidance scheme from 2008 to 2014 on recommendation of a tax agent.


The Upper Tax Tribunal has dismissed a hedge fund manager’s appeal against an FTT ruling that his trading of film rights was an attempt to avoid tax payments.

Taxpayers failed in their bid to overturn retrospective legislation against stamp duty avoidance. 

As NASA brings us the news of Earth 2.0 , HMRC offers their inhabitants a stern warning in today's lowdown: Tax avoidance and cigarette smuggling will not be tolerated.

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