tax avoidance

It used to be one of the UK’s growth industries but now the tax avoidance industry may be in its twilight years because of new laws and greater powers for HMRC.


A contractor client of mine has been offered a tax avoidance solution from an outfit called Darwin.  Essentially the contract is routed through them, the individual is paid NMW and then the remaind


West Midlands accountancy firm Harben Barker succeeded in convincing the Court of Appeal to overturn the £1m negligence claim brought by a client who alleged the


Laws to counter tax avoidance and evasion have become a Budget tradition for at least the past five years and


The Chancellor’s Budget speech included an impassioned section on tax avoidance that also stirred up considerable controversy and concern among tax professionals as he signalled the introduction of

Government estimates for how much money measures against tax avoidance will raise may be unreliable, the Treasury committee has suggested, after the UK's tax evasion agreement with Switzerland


An alliance of tax advisers is urging accountants and business people to join their campaign against Draconian measures set out in last month’s


HMRC is adopting an increasingly aggressive approach to taxpayers who choose to dispute a case involving perceived tax avoidance, explain


Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in a high-profile tax dispute with HMRC will have to disclose more information about their

Many accounting firms are likely to see their profits decline and some may even go bust when new tax rules for limited liability partnerships (LLPs) start in April, an expert has predicted.