tax avoidance

HMRC said it has paid £995m in tax relief to British film productions since 2007.

Boutique tax firm NT Advisors, described by the Revenue as a serial avoidance promoter, has


Former RBS and Jefferies Group investment bankers, along with the director of a chartered IFA firm, were among 13 people charged over a £2.5m film tax fraud.


Prime minister David Cameron has got a bee in his bonnet about business regulation and tax avoidance.


An IT contractor should pay tax on loans from employers because the money was “in substance and reality” income from employment, a first-tier tax tribunal has rule


Comedian Jimmy Carr is to pay a £500,000 tax bill to HMRC after he stopped using the controversial K2 tax avoidance scheme.


Google is expected to pay £24m in backdated tax after a review of its offshore operations by HMRC. Nick Huber reports.

HM Revenue and Customs is struggling to finish thousands of tax investigations into suspected tax avoidance by the UK’s largest companies. Nick Huber reports.


Do you approve of tax avoidance or do you think its morally wrong?


Accountancy firms and part-time workers employed through agencies face greater scrutiny from HMRC after the government revealed its draft