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tax deductible

A Japanese civil servant is challenging Japan's tax system by trying to claim loss-making bets as business-deductible expenses.


Supermarket giant Iceland has settled a tax bill with HMRC regarding a business trip it had disputed was a tax deductible expense.


I have taken on a new client. She lives in Nottingham , married - they have a mortgage etc. She works as an employee for a company in London.



Mr A is sole director/Shareholder of Company

Mr B joins Company and is given 50% of the share capital and
becomes a director.

Mr B personally loans company £25,000


Actor Tim Healy has claimed a partial victory in a tax tribunal against HMRC after it was found his accommodation expenses claim was tax deductible.


My client has a very successful retail business and it generates a lot of significant excess cashflow.


If an individual remortgages their main residence and uses the money to purchase a second home which they then rent out, can a tax deduction be claimed for the interest against the rental income?