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tax evasion

The owner of Leeds United football club, has been fined 40,000 euros (£28,500) after being found guilty of tax evasion by an Italian court.

The amount of money paid to informants by HMRC has jumped by more than 50% to a record high of £605,000,


The election season has every major party queueing up to promise a tax crackdown: Closing loopholes, tackling evaders, and dissuading avoiders.

The difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance is something that has inspired debate for generations, while it continues to cause confusion to this day.

Four men from London have been jailed for a cumulative total of 20 years after HMRC discovered they had stolen £4m in VAT and

Abolishing IR35 would cost the taxpayer £550m; more than the cost of continuing to maintain it, according to


Just to be clear at the outset, I have no moral or commercial problem with the legal minimisation of tax in a legal manner - hell, that's a big part of my job description.  Business is tough, and t


Well you always complained, didn’t you, that people wouldn’t take an interest in tax. And now perhaps they do, says Simon Sweetman. Be careful, as they say, what you wish for.


The chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, has called for organisations including accountants, to be prosecuted if th


According to plans announced by Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the treasury, reporte