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tax evasion

HMRC have sent letters to HSBC Jersey account holders asking them to declare any undisclosed tax liabilities – or face a tax evasion investigation.


Accountant Christopher Lunn has been convicted for evading more than £6m in tax.


As NASA brings us the news of Earth 2.0 , HMRC offers their inhabitants a stern warning in today's lowdown: Tax avoidance and cigarette smuggling will not be tolerated.

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Client who is in 3rd year with me and has learning difficulties turned up with half the paperwork required this afternoon.


Offshore tax evaders and accountants who enable tax evasion may be imprisoned under new rules, Treasury financial secretary David Gauke 


The owner of Leeds United football club, has been fined 40,000 euros (£28,500) after being found guilty of tax evasion by an Italian court.

The amount of money paid to informants by HMRC has jumped by more than 50% to a record high of £605,000,


The election season has every major party queueing up to promise a tax crackdown: Closing loopholes, tackling evaders, and dissuading avoiders.

The difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance is something that has inspired debate for generations, while it continues to cause confusion to this day.