tax evasion

The chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, has called for organisations including accountants, to be prosecuted if th


According to plans announced by Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the treasury, reporte


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HSBC is back in the spotlight again over allegedly helping clients evade tax and offering deals to help them stay ahead of the law.


HMRC is scrutinising taxpayers who it suspects are dishonestly claiming horseboxes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds as company expenses, according to accounting firm


The OECD has invited comments on a discussion draft on proposed changes to the OECD model tax convention to prevent tax treaty abuse.

HMRC and the Treasury do not keep track of tax reliefs intended to encourage particular behaviour to meet social or economic policy objectives, according to the National Audit Office.


The Irish police force has received thousands of pages of files about alleged tax evasion by customers of Ansbacher bank.

The creation of a new, strict liability offence to tackle offshore tax evasion may have serious unintended consequences, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has warned.


More than 250 people a day are tipping off HMRC about suspected tax avoidance by ex-partners, former bosses and neighbours.