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tax investigations

Tax collection has always been a contentious and difficult matter.

A couple of years ago Jennifer Adams attended a seminar given by HMRC when Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was in its infancy.

HMRC has beaten its “massively ambitious” target for tax investigation work by £2bn in the last year, bringing the total revenue raised through compliance work to


In the UK, the majority of firms now offer Tax Investigation Insurance to their clients.


Many firms make a lot of additional income from offering Fee Protection to their clients.

Mobile phone giant Vodafone is under pressure again after it emerged it did not pay any corporation tax in the UK last year.


The BBC’s Panorama has investigated how some of the UK's top companies are using a tax haven in Luxembourg to save millions in corporation tax.


After several weeks of debate and backroom lobbying, HMRC is due to release a “business entities test” to help personal services companies assess their risk of being caught by IR35 rules.


Officials from HMRC have carried out several raids after looking into allegations t


HMRC’s programme of Business Record Checks is going back to the drawing board.