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tax refund

If the end-year corporate tax calculations show that the corporation has an overpayment, what are the entries? I’m posting an example below. Please help!


I hope this is the right place for this, if not, apologies.


HMRC has been refused permission to appeal in its £80m VAT battle against Spot the Ball owners Sportech.

AccountingWEB members are reporting an outbreak of P800T forms showing overpayments of tax when taxpayers have already claimed refunds and received replayments thr


British gambling company Sportech is set to get more than £80m from HMRC after a tribunal found that the

Does anyone know the reason for this?

A person pays a weekly standing order to their Self Assessment account, to cover their liabilities in January and July.


Does anyone know how much tax could be claimed when someone decide to leave UK permanently?

I believe only part of the NI contribution could be claimed? Any idea?




The House of Commons voted on a private member's bill this week that, if cleared through Parliament, will force HMRC to refund businesses


My sister was recently made redundant in October 2010 and didn't return to work immediately as she was due to give birth!


'Tis the season for scam emails to clients about tax refunds.