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tax tribunal

A taxpayer has won an appeal to be given special relief for tax owed to HMRC.

Should Parliament ever change the tax law with retrospective effect?


Submitting tax forms and paying tax by the due date is important, but should minor non-compliance failures mean a construction company is forced out of business, asks Howard Royse.


What is the difference between a bowls club and a rugby club, asks Neil Warren after reviewing some recent tribunal decisions on VAT and sports club


Taxpayers failed in their bid to overturn retrospective legislation against stamp duty avoidance. 

A self-employed barrister has overturned a £100 penalty issued by HMRC for failing to submit an online VAT return on the grounds that an earlier requirement to read HMRC’s terms and conditions rele


A taxpayer had a reasonable excuse for late payment of capital gains tax because she relied on her

Two film partnerships have lost an appeal to claim tax relief on their losses after the upper tribunal ruled that they were not run for commercial purposes.


Taxpayers have a one in four chance of successfully appealing an HMRC decision at tribunal, according to government figures.


Wolters Kluwer has put out a release on tax tribunals, revealing that 75% of