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tax tribunal

This week I take a look at the recent case of Ross v HMRC


A dispute over how a famous painting in a stately home should be taxed recently reached the Court of Appeal.


A high court judge has ruled in favour of Littlewoods in a long-running tax dispute with HMRC dating back more than 30 years.


So now we are told by the VAT tribunal that bridge is not a sport, a decision which gives intense joy to hair-splitters everywhere such as they have not experience


A Hampshire college is to get a VAT rebate after a tribunal ruled that the food served at its restaurant is exempt from VAT.


The English Bridge Union failed in its bid to reclaim VAT on £631,000 of tournament fees after a lower tier tax tribunal ruled that bridge was a game rather than


A first tier tribunal has ruled that two taxpayers negligently submitted tax returns because of their failure to verify a tax avoidance scheme was a not sham.


HMRC’s upper tier tribunal victory last year in the HOK reasonable excuse case has put taxpayers on the back foot following a string of recent tribunal defeats.


HMRC’s application to appeal a £2.4m VAT refund to mobile phone trading companies Unistar Group and Unistar Trading has been rejected.