tax tribunal

Two brothers in a business partnership won a legal victory against HMRC in dispute over the right to deduct legal costs from the profits of their business partnership.


A gift of $2m from a former shareholder to an ex-employee of a timeshare property company after the sale of the company should not be taxed as earnings from the individual's employment, a tribu


A man who lost his job has won a four-year battle to overturn a £100 penalty for the late submission of a Self Assessment tax return. Nick Huber reports.


Next, the clothing and household furnishings retailer, has lost an appeal worth £19m to claim tax allowances for its warehouses. Nick Huber reports.

The wife and son of a geologist who is presumed dead after being abducted in Angola have won an appeal against HMRC over a tax charge on a life assurance payment.

A penalty for careless misstatement in a tax return can be suspended even if relates to a one-off event such as redundancy, a tax tribunal ruled.


Judge Geraint Jones QC has ruled in favour of the taxpayer at


Brewer and pub chain Greene King has lost a legal battle over a scheme that tried to gain tax relief on a loan payment within the company.


HMRC estimates of tax owed by someone who hasn’t filed a return has the same force as a self-assessment tax return and can’t be appealed until a return is filed, the upper tier tribunal ruled.


The upper tier tax tribunal has upheld the principle that companies caught up in missing trader fraud can be liable for VAT penalties.