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tax tribunal

The right of UK sports clubs not to charge VAT on fees for non-members will have to be decided by the European Court of Justice following a referral from a upper tier tax tribunal.


A taxpayer who incorrectly claimed tax relief in his tax return has overturned a £14,000 penalty after a tribunal ruled his accountant was to blame for the careless error.


HMRC won two tribunals and a court case against tax avoidance schemes last month that it said could have cost the Exchequer £200m.


A recent tribunal confirming HMRC’s increasingly hard line on directors who benefit from company assets could put a brake on company cars provided by partnerships, warns Lesley Stalker


Two brothers in a business partnership won a legal victory against HMRC in dispute over the right to deduct legal costs from the profits of their business partnership.


A gift of $2m from a former shareholder to an ex-employee of a timeshare property company after the sale of the company should not be taxed as earnings from the individual's employment, a tribu


A man who lost his job has won a four-year battle to overturn a £100 penalty for the late submission of a Self Assessment tax return. Nick Huber reports.


Next, the clothing and household furnishings retailer, has lost an appeal worth £19m to claim tax allowances for its warehouses. Nick Huber reports.

The wife and son of a geologist who is presumed dead after being abducted in Angola have won an appeal against HMRC over a tax charge on a life assurance payment.

A penalty for careless misstatement in a tax return can be suspended even if relates to a one-off event such as redundancy, a tax tribunal ruled.