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My boss is the managing partner of an LLP

Currently there is a company car in the LLP of which he has sole use of.


I have been approached by a married couple who are about to acquire 4 buy to let properties. Mr is already a higher rate taxpayer but Mrs has around £24k of her basic rate band unused.


One of my client was on flat rate vat scheme. He bought a building and went through opt to tax. He refurbished this property with Toilet and kitchen.


Hey guys, just a really quick question for a friend. Just started out, now has a UK ltd company and is VAT registered, but brand new to learning all the ins and outs!


My friend lives and works in UK, and pays Taxes in UK.

However he also owns a small company in India (he is basically an Indian).


Small ltd company client is currently being paid net interest by Natwest. I have asked the director to tell the bank to pay gross instead. 


A company with £20,000 annual profit which Buys a £1600 laptop, or Donates £200 to charity Does not get do do these at zero cost in real terms. They both still cost around 80% of the price paid it


I always seem to have clients like this. 

I email the draft accounts to them and in my email I say:

"I have attached the accounts and tax documents.