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While the British economy continues to grow, some experts believe that this expansion is too reliant on consumer borrowing.

This is for me personally, not as an agent.  I'm registered on the gateway and trying to register for self assessment for the last few months.


Does the prospect of having your own personal tax account with HMRC thrill or terrify you?

I've submitted several returns in recent months where we have requested that small balances of PAYE are collected via an adjustment to the 2016/17 tax code. All have been suitable candidates.


Moving myself and eBay stock back to the UK. Hi, for the last seven years I have worked in China as a teacher while at same time selling items on eBay.

Having listened to the latest Autumn Statement proposal, the very cynical might wonder whether HMRC’s biggest enemy today is no longer the multinational conglomerate that arranges its affairs s


My client, who is not in SA, has just received an annual tax summary.  Now I know these are just a political gimmick but it would be helpful if they added up or made some kind of sense.  This is ro


I am going to invest in my wife's small business and I am trying to establish if there is a smart way to do this.


Now that tax relief is denied on the amortisation of goodwill (intangible assets), is this also denied on other intangible assets such as website development costs?