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We have a subsidiary in Nigeria, this was incorporated in Oct 2012. The first accounts are 15 months accounts made up to Dec 2014.

The tax year in Nigeria ends 31st Dec.


Scenario 1

Income for the company £100,000

Two staff salary at £24,000

One staff at £10,000



It's all a bit of a minefield for a non-accountant learning as they go - NIC payments, £2k NIC allowance, corp tax, income tax etc.


Have just spent 1/4 of an hour on hold trying to get through to the agent help line.  Same thing the other day too.  I guess they have decided we no longer need priority treatment and can wait ages


I currently live in the UK and run my own small business.


Let us assume, for the sake of this question, that my client is liable to a penalty for carelessness in his tax return with an undisclosed error, so 15% penalty being charged.

We've put together some comments on the budget pension changes which you can cut and paste into your client newsletters or simply use to help your practice.

I am preparing a CT600 for a company which manages and sub-lets a leased property for profit.  I am unsure whether to call it a trading company and select 0 on the 'Type of Company' page or select



I have a client who had a gap between 2 rounds of self employment.

The gap was 4 years. One year no work and 3 years under PAYE and provable as such.