I pay tax through PAYE and am in a higher tax band, I have earned some dividend income in last 5 years which is :-

Dec 2009 : £ 15.43

Feb 2010 : £ 32.50


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I am in the process of evaluating with a view to purchasing Limited Company year end accounts and CT production software.

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I have a client who is a director of a small company. At the moment she is paid a salary below the primary threshold so does not pay National Insurance.


I am no longer consulting through my own limited company, so my company is no longer earning fees.  Therefore, to save a bit of cash I've decided to submit my own annual accounts.  I've done the tr


I have just spent the morning using the Sage assisted tagging software in order that we can file the accounts with the CT600.


So doctors with over generous NHS contracts being paid large sums for minimal work (My GP practice all doctors work part time and never, never after hours/weekends) want to charge for a visit.


I have just returned from overseas, having been non-resident for a couple of years. I continue to be paid by the overseas employer into my bank in that country.

How frequently asked is this FAQ? On the scale of 1 to 10 this probably comes in at about a 7….. We certainly had one just last week.  :)

Hi - Hopefully someone can come up with the answer on this for me.  I have asked to be treasurer of a small local business networking group.  Each member of the group pays £10 per meeting and the r