My client is a UK sole trader operating 4 guest food inclusive barge cruises aboard a UK registered narrowboat on the canals in France, Turnover is circa £150,000.


I have an offer from a family member who is willing to be an unpaid director.

Do I have to pay them something? eg; minimum wage at least which is £6.31 or a lump sum.


I am at the early stages and considering forming a personal investment company, depositing up to £50,000 as a loan to it so it can invest in other companies and (upon their sucess) receive dividend


Hi Guys,


Wondered if anyone has any knowledge on Australian tax?


I'm fairly sure I know that answer to this but can't find anything absolutely definitive so would appreciate some clarification from the brains trust:





Quick question.


Conservative MPs have blamed a "Dickensian" tax system for low CT receipts, as HMRC figures show that Revenue income from CT enquiries into 'big business' has fallen to its lowest for six years


Each month we run a ‘Focus On’ to highlight the good work of small businesses in a particular industry.

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of private sector enterprises, employ nearly 60% of private sector employment and almost 49% of private sector turnover.

David Cameron’s plan for some married couples to get tax breaks worth up to £200 has been cautiously welcomed and ridiculed by newspapers, pressure groups, and