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I have become involved through my children with a local amateur theatre group.  Twice a year, they hire the local community centre to put on shows and are charged accordingly by the local council. 


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I operate through a Ltd company, I have built up money in my company and pay myself a small salary and dividends up to higher threshold. Normal practices.




Client company wants to transfer 50% shares to a Director, either by way of transfer or issuing new shares.

Existing retained profits of c£30k


How about this for HMRC bureaucracy? AKA how to ensure the balance of payments surplus is maximised.


Just to be clear at the outset, I have no moral or commercial problem with the legal minimisation of tax in a legal manner - hell, that's a big part of my job description.  Business is tough, and t


I have a client who is due to receive a substantial sum as compensation for the electricity pylons marching across his land. I haven't yet seen the detailed documents.


I have just learned of HMRC's latest device for not making timely repayments to taxpayers, which was explained to me by the agent's helpline as "uncleared credit" which the advisor cheerfully advis