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Client has transferred his shares to a fellow director for no consideration. I am happy that this is the market value of the shares.

HMRC has begun publishing the names of small businesses who they say are deliberately defaulting


I received a letter from HMRC talking about BRC questionaire over the phone. What are the typical Business Records Check (BRC) questions?


Caller: “My client paid of his student loan during 2011/12 but the SA302 is showing the full annual amount due. “


A shareholder dies leaving 98% of the company valued at £1million in his estate.  The shares are to be inherited by his daughter who currently owns the other 2%.


I've just noticed that a 2010/11 tax return amendment which was submitted online on 31st January has not been processed.

We have an employee who has recently received her paye codeing notice for tax year 2013 -14. One of the deductions made against her PA is for a "potential" underpayment of tax.


2 weeks ago a charming Graphic Designer rang me, as a result of a referral from another charming client.