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I'm going to crowdfund the next ebook - which will be a practical guide to penalties.For those who don't know, the success of crowdfunding projects is largely dependent on the rewards that are pack


The VAT exemption for education extends to the supply of goods and services closely related to the main supply. This is an important issue, and can sometimes cause confusion.

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Just wondering when I will be able to fill a tax return for 2013/14 - i.e will it become available on the HMRC website after the 5th April 2014?


The Court of Appeal has overturned the High Court decision against Harben Barker who were accountants acting for Mr Mehjoo at the time he sold a shares of a substantial value.


Avoidance or Evasion

Can I get some tax advisers opinions on this scenario please?


Pensions were one of the winners of yesterday’s Budget, as the Chancellor announced a raft of measures to increase the flexibility of defined contribution benefit


I have a client, who has just paid a lump sum to an employee as a help towards any funeral expenses etc. that may be incurred, as the employees partner has just died.



I am meeting this problem again and never seem to settle on a satisfactory approach, so here it is.