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I currently live in the UK and run my own small business.


Let us assume, for the sake of this question, that my client is liable to a penalty for carelessness in his tax return with an undisclosed error, so 15% penalty being charged.

We've put together some comments on the budget pension changes which you can cut and paste into your client newsletters or simply use to help your practice.

I am preparing a CT600 for a company which manages and sub-lets a leased property for profit.  I am unsure whether to call it a trading company and select 0 on the 'Type of Company' page or select



I have a client who had a gap between 2 rounds of self employment.

The gap was 4 years. One year no work and 3 years under PAYE and provable as such.


A huge number of VAT and Tax penalties are issued and appealed each year. Few of the decisions raise any significant point of wider significance. But, Total Technology (Engineering) Ltd.

I have a client who has owned and run a residential lettings 'business' for some thirty years. The portfolio consists of six properties, and totals 14 lettable units.


I'm considering doing some additional study to improve my tax knowledge (a little rusty after 12 years in industry!) with a view to starting my own part time practice.


Hello AccountingWeb

I'm new here, have have a question on best practices on how to pay foreign overseas directors a wage from a UK LTD.