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Hello All,

I'm a qualified accountant who has been practicing taxes for over 11years outside of Europe. I am a sort of generalist (corporate, personal and VAT).


We have new client who is Greek, resident in the UK but domiciled in Greece. She has a self employment business in each country, they are completely separate and not linked in any way.


My father did his national service in


Recently, an incisive and forthright Q&A session international taxation expert Axel von Schubert has set out hi

Two UK limited companies both with the same shareholders (not a group though, same individuals own both companies).  One is the landlord of the other.


I'm starting a business as a freelance editor. 

To begin with I will be in the UK as I get established and build a client base, and sell my house.


So Des Hudson has unleashed a micro-storm among the tax professionals, to the point that some felt the readers of the Daily Mail were the ones condemning it, which would indeed seem to be Satan



We reported this in our 9am lowdown yesterday: 

"HMRC fines amnesty as taxman faces backlog


Sorry if this is obvious - having a moment of blankness.  My client died on 20 March 2015.  Is a dividend which is payable to shareholders registered on 1 March 2015 but paid on say 31 March 2015 i


My boss is the managing partner of an LLP

Currently there is a company car in the LLP of which he has sole use of.