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Two non UK residents formed an UK LLP. All sales in the first year were Non-UK.  LLP has been given UTR, but partners don't, as both are non residents.

With the change of Tribunal rules a few years ago, the automatic right to costs in the event of a successful Appeal was abolished.

I am at the start up phase of a business and still have a lot of research and development work to do.

I am developing a website.


My client is a UK sole trader operating 4 guest food inclusive barge cruises aboard a UK registered narrowboat on the canals in France, Turnover is circa £150,000.


I have an offer from a family member who is willing to be an unpaid director.

Do I have to pay them something? eg; minimum wage at least which is £6.31 or a lump sum.


I am at the early stages and considering forming a personal investment company, depositing up to £50,000 as a loan to it so it can invest in other companies and (upon their sucess) receive dividend


Hi Guys,


Wondered if anyone has any knowledge on Australian tax?


I'm fairly sure I know that answer to this but can't find anything absolutely definitive so would appreciate some clarification from the brains trust:





Quick question.


Conservative MPs have blamed a "Dickensian" tax system for low CT receipts, as HMRC figures show that Revenue income from CT enquiries into 'big business' has fallen to its lowest for six years