I run a small online e-commerce site for items I manufacture myself. Can I offset the cost of the online store against my tax?


Quick question!

When using HMRC online filing, where (if at all) will a redundancy payment be disclosed? It is well under £30k and not taxable as it was non-contractual etc.


Is contribution to US pension IRA tax deductible if i have 401k and im a UK resident receiving US salary. I have asked HMRC but they dont seem to provide concise answer.


I have a client who is Director with no income other than reimbursements for company costs.


Hope someone can help.

Had a shock today and learnt that my business could of claimed "Goodwill" when I went limited. I was a sole trader for around 20 years.


As you know I do not read a daily paper but whilst waiting in the barber (yes, I do have hair) I picked up a Daily Mail out of boredom.


Client had a letter through recently. She has only been in SA since 2011-12.

HMRC wrote to her to ask for a copy of her p45 in relation to the previous (2010/11) year.


Now I'm doing more tax work, I come up regularly against clients who when presented with final accounts and tax return to sign, ask whether I can make some sort of allowance for XYZ, or did I know


We have been approached by a client who is an associate dentist and they have been recommended by a colleague that they should set a up a partnership to help save taxes.