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So doctors with over generous NHS contracts being paid large sums for minimal work (My GP practice all doctors work part time and never, never after hours/weekends) want to charge for a visit.


I have just returned from overseas, having been non-resident for a couple of years. I continue to be paid by the overseas employer into my bank in that country.

How frequently asked is this FAQ? On the scale of 1 to 10 this probably comes in at about a 7….. We certainly had one just last week.  :)

Hi - Hopefully someone can come up with the answer on this for me.  I have asked to be treasurer of a small local business networking group.  Each member of the group pays £10 per meeting and the r


I have just taken on a client and his accounts are a total shambles. 


HMRC doesn’t regard lottery winnings as income, so all prizes are tax free, hooray!

This is another one that is really surprisingly frequent; indeed we were asked it only last week (w/e 22 June) so no scoffing there please people.


thanks for looking at my query and hope you folks in the know can assist.


I am not asking an existentialist question but perhaps a philosophical one!