This question has been asked before in different formats but here we go again.


We have recently started acting on behalf of a client who had been submitting his own tax returns.


Company gets an insurance payout for loss of gross profit which covers a period of 12 months from date of loss.


Company suffered large loss of stock, machinery due to major fire but received an insurance payout for;


Our client told us that he had underclaimed his expenses for hire of equipment going back to 2009.



Do you have clients who have been charged penalties pre on-line filing even though accounts and CT600 were otherwise correct and submitted on time.Then take a look at section 433 Companies Act 2006

Quick question.  Years ago, I remember a few occasions where corporation tax returns were filed with final but unsigned accounts, where the accounts were not expected to change but for various reas


I am regularly approached by rather nice women who have been trading for 6 months who are turning over such small amounts of money I wonder whether there is any point in it all.