We have heard the budget day speech but have you spotted any devils in the detail?(Tasmanien clauses)

A friend of mine bought into an EBT scheme a couple of years ago.

So , after all the hype and speculation George Osborne has craftily pitched the mansion tax so as not to bankrupt retired colonels and closed a loophole at the same time.

HMT budget document "overview of tax legislation and rates" published yesterday states at para 2.30 (page 21) that the emissions threshold for a main rate car will reduce from April 2013 to 130g/km


I work for a business FT and am about 5k away from paying the higher 40% tax rate.

I'm shortly to launch a business as a co-director that should earn me around £2-5k by the summer.


I'll start this by saying I'm familiar with UITF40 guidance whereby CFA WIP is effectively included at nil valuation on the basis that until the case is won or lost, the potential value of the WIP


Can a PILON payment be deemed partly taxable and partly not? I have a client who has a provision in the employment contract for PILON for a contractual notice period of 1 month.


A sole trader has taken out a personal loan to pay off non-business-related debts.  The loan has terms which allow any amount to be repaid at any time.


I will be posting off a 64-8 for a client this morning.


Where a sports club such as a rugby or football club is set up as a company limited by guarantee and has a bar that is used by the players (playing members of the club), non playing members of the