I've just noticed that a 2010/11 tax return amendment which was submitted online on 31st January has not been processed.

We have an employee who has recently received her paye codeing notice for tax year 2013 -14. One of the deductions made against her PA is for a "potential" underpayment of tax.


2 weeks ago a charming Graphic Designer rang me, as a result of a referral from another charming client.


The company gave an employee a brand new HD TV. It cost £600 and had a second-hand value of £250. How much do i report on a P11D? the cost of the asset to the company or the market value?


Use the short-life asset election to maximise the capital allowances available on the purchases of plant and machinery.

How do i claim rent room exemption on my self assessment form online. I rent a house and a room in my flat.


I have a property i lived in with my mother for 10 years. I have since left the house and currently letting a property with my husband for 15 years. My mother still lives there.


I run a small online e-commerce site for items I manufacture myself. Can I offset the cost of the online store against my tax?