Where a sports club such as a rugby or football club is set up as a company limited by guarantee and has a bar that is used by the players (playing members of the club), non playing members of the


I have a new client who has been working abroad and paying foreign tax and did not realise he had to complete tax returns and possibly pay uk tax.  He received a repayment of tax deducted through p

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Property investment company, owned by one family.  Mum & Dad are majority shareholders and are looking to exit. 


This may be a straightforward qustion for some of you but after looking around on the web I can't seem to find an answer.


I have a client who has never submitted tax returns.  He is now obliged to file them since 10/11 because he is a director of his own limited company.


This is general question. I provide training on Sage to some clients who need that level of complexity, but am about to start training on VT for the very small people.


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Withdrawal of cash/shares from a pension scheme before retirement age - tax penalties. Any way to relieve the tax charge?