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I am planning to setup an umbrella company for a specific niche. All contractors will go through usual PAYE process, no funny business, no tax evasion issues etc.


We're a very small company with 1k loan from StartupLoans.

Do we pay tax on repayments and interest using the CT61?


Many thanks.

My client has gross dividends of £58,888 with tax credit of £5888.80 yet he is only being given credit for £5807.30.  

An accountant who used to work for HMRC told me a couple of years ago that if I was doing more than 10,000 miles per year for business (and therefore had to start using the lower per mile rate) I c


This another  unFrequentlyAQ just like last time – again just once to my knowledge but you wouldn’t believe how long it took to find an answer for this one as well!


2 Associated companies(not a group), 1 an investment property firm holding 2 commercial properties which are rented out, the other company is a full trading firm.


I been searching for answers but I cant find anything that helps clarify things at all for my question.



I have just received a coding notice for my good self, taxing my expenses reported on the electronic P11D.


I am about to relocate to another part of the country to start a new job.