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If a self-employed person has there first trading year  from Oct 12 to Sept 13, how long wpuld you have to file the relevant paper work with HMRC?


anyone else having probems using online authroisation for CT clients?  None of mine seem to go through lately, I am having to authorise the old fashioned snail's pace version.


Client has and on-going enquiry into 2010/2011. HMRC have now opened a check into 2011/2012 but haven't yet asked for any information.


I have a sole trader with a year end date of 31st July and he has now changed at his year end to a partnership with his wife.


HI there folks, this is my first post and i am certainly no accountant so please bare with me.



What are the current charge out rates are in London for tax compliance and advisory work for small to medium firms working in the London area?


A European Court decision has been decided, and remains somewhat ‘under the radar.’ This concerns the VAT treatment of an individual generating electricity and then selling it onto the national gri

Just had an e-mail from Lawspeed headed "News 3rd December 2013" including the following text: