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Provide your employees with a mobile phone with the owner and bill payer being you the Employer… it’s free for them.  No BIK charges


I was wondering if anyone thought a discussion group for freebies would interest anyone.


FA 2007, Sch 24, para 11 provides that HMRC may reduce a penalty in the event of special circumstances.

A couple of years ago some friends and I registered a company with the intention of starting a retail and wholesale operation.


Dear All,

I am a qualified accountant(member of ACCA) and working for an accounting practice. I prepare accounts and tax return for small business clients as an employee.


I am running the accounts for my partner's company - very small, estimated T/O of £30k, Profit after tax of £17k. 


If my contractor client, operating via his own limited company, "employs" (and I use that term in the loosest sense...) another contractor, who will have his own limited company, to take on a say 6

Hidden behind the headlines from George Osborne’s budget statement today is a toughening stance by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on unpaid tax.

A client of mine wants to move his operations to India from UK.  The Parent company is in the UK and a subsidiary in India.


Real-time information (RTI) is being introduced to improve PAYE and aims to limit late tax return payments or demands for returns.