I run a business (I am an employee and major shareholder) that has received an investment round approximately 2 years ago, and we now have an interested party who want to utilise some assets we hav


Client has p/t employement income (at a school) and p/t self-employed income from her home-based business. All personal allowances are utilised against PAYE income.


The Rent a Room scheme allows you to receive £4250 per year tax-free from letting out furnished accommodation in your home. You can let out a room or an entire floor.


You can’t take it with you when you go…. except perhaps if you’re an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Annual exemption

Since getting early retirement in 2005 I have received a pension from UKAEA (and their successor organisations).


It transpires that a client has been lending money without a licence, for about six years.


Sadly, the days when your children could be made to earn their keep by sending them forth to engage in honest toil up chimneys or down t’pit are now behind us….what’s to be done…?

Client ( within SA ) has a liability on lettings income for 2011/12. Being under £3k, I asked for it to be coded.