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Intuitively you would think a company car must be owned by the employer in order for the employee to make a capital contribution.


I have been trying to find information regarding cash gifts(none charity)

I'm a sole trader and want to help my sister with money as she can't find a job.


Those of us who specialise in tax have suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a popular frenzy.


A self employed Trainer who does all admin work and preparations at home and delivers training in different locations includes a cost for "use of home as office" in tax deductible expenses ( at £2


As a rather angry punter perhaps I am not the best person to ask this question.


So, Mr Osborne is *shocked* at the efforts of the rich to mitigate their tax. I am shocked at his stupidity to go on the public record in such a manner.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. A question more for my own curiosity than to actually put into practice :)



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I have recently launched my own business (in November).