Can a deduction be taken for interest on own home against rental property income in any of the following situations:



Under the old C16, you could in effect decide whether to have dividend or capital treatment.


Where does one find the gross rateable value (GRV) of a property to include on a form P11D for an accommodation benefit? 

What would a typical GRV be for say a £200k, £500k or £1m house?


We have a client who's year end is 31 January. For the year to 2012 they are showing profit of 300K and tax of around 100k.



I produced an article for another site, providing a template for a taxpayer to represent himself at Tribunal.

Under section 261 of ITEPA 2003 sporting and recreational facilities provided to employees are tax free provided certain conditions apply (eg no public access, not on domestic premises, etc).


Normally, of course, clothes are not tax deductible for either employees or sole traders (unless they are protective like hard hats, safety boots, etc) but in this case a sole trader client in the


Why is there no pro Bono Accounting help anywhere in the UK?


I suspect that the accountancy and tax profession will look back on June 2012 with mixed feelings, says Rebecca Benneyworth MBE.