So, Mr Osborne is *shocked* at the efforts of the rich to mitigate their tax. I am shocked at his stupidity to go on the public record in such a manner.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. A question more for my own curiosity than to actually put into practice :)



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I have recently launched my own business (in November).




When dealing with HMRC

What is the difference between a complaint and an appeal if there is one ?


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Hi all.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I would like to extend my personal allowance for the tax year 12/13 for allowable expenses permitted by HMRC.


Which books do you use in your practice that you would recommend?

I have bought :

"Life without Timesheets" (out of date information and not a good read)


All the HMRC guidance on work related training I've come across studiously avoids mention of university degree/diploma type courses (I know there is a scholarship exemtpion, but that is for full ti

We have heard the budget day speech but have you spotted any devils in the detail?(Tasmanien clauses)