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I have read some of the previous very good Q&As on income splitting. Three great ones linked to below


Hoping someone nice on here can help.


Got a UK company with a branch in the US.  It is a PR/Media company and so a branch is required in the US for face-to-face meetings etc.


I have become involved through my children with a local amateur theatre group.  Twice a year, they hire the local community centre to put on shows and are charged accordingly by the local council. 


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I operate through a Ltd company, I have built up money in my company and pay myself a small salary and dividends up to higher threshold. Normal practices.




Client company wants to transfer 50% shares to a Director, either by way of transfer or issuing new shares.

Existing retained profits of c£30k


How about this for HMRC bureaucracy? AKA how to ensure the balance of payments surplus is maximised.


Just to be clear at the outset, I have no moral or commercial problem with the legal minimisation of tax in a legal manner - hell, that's a big part of my job description.  Business is tough, and t