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Gabelle has compiled a whitepaper on 

The former directors of an eco-electrical manufacturing company has been sentenced for a £220,000 VAT fraud at Salisbury Crown Court last Friday.

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I appreciate there have been lots of similar topics, I have read the forums up and down and used uncle google to help me as well but wasn't lucky enough to find the answer. 


Are you still a tax scheme promoter? This is a “when did you stop beating your wife?” question – almost impossible to answer without incriminating oneself.


Does anyone on here subscribe to the Morning Account?

I keep getting emailed free editions which last for a week or so.



I wonder if anyone could help me with the following please.

for a new build i believe there are vat exemptions.


Last year, the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) published a report on the penalty regimes applied to taxes.