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My client, who is not in SA, has just received an annual tax summary.  Now I know these are just a political gimmick but it would be helpful if they added up or made some kind of sense.  This is ro


I am going to invest in my wife's small business and I am trying to establish if there is a smart way to do this.


Now that tax relief is denied on the amortisation of goodwill (intangible assets), is this also denied on other intangible assets such as website development costs?


Pharmaceutical firms Pfizer and Allergan today announced the biggest healthcare sector merger in history, worth an estimated $150bn (£106bn).


Where can I find a proper breakdown of how all the taxes and NIC are spent? I know there is a breakdown for income tax, but I'm interested in all taxes and how they are spent.


My client lets his home to lodgers.

He stays in the home for about 3 days a month, sometimes a little more.


I am a trustee of a private discretionary trust.