One of my clients who pays personal tax in the US and the UK wants to appoint a UK-based firm to deal with his US personal tax affairs.


Transport for London has referred taxi app Uber to the Revenue over its tax affairs.

A relative has died and her will appoints my mother and another lady as executrices.


One of those perennial questions: - how does a Transfer of a Going Concern (TOGC) interact with VAT registration?


The client incorporated a farming business in the 60s.  Now retired two of the elderly director shareholders live in what used to be the farmhouse.  There is no longer a farming trade.  The company


To date we've only really had minimal goodwill valuations so haven't bothered getting pre approval (as the impact either way was negligible).  However, we've got a fairly hefty one we're looking at


1. You don't know what a 64-8 is.

2. You've never made a principal private residence election

3. You prepare tax returns, instead of offering a tax service


60 years ago, a revolution happened in the savings industry- it was the “standing order”.


I have taken over a domestic payroll mid-year and the previous accountants have claimed the Employment Allowance.  It's a domestic payroll where carers are employed to look after a person who is in