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The early internet was sometimes likened to the pioneering Wild West – open for the courageous to make good profits, and beyond the reaches of the law.


It’s been a while since I blogged and it makes be realise how fast time goes. Days become weeks and weeks become months.

Company A holds Company B at 100 value.  Company B reduces its share capital by 99 and pays out 99 as a distribution to Company A.  I understand that at this point, Company A will need to write dow


I had always thought that a trustee must not waive a company dividend.


The Treasury has asked eight great questions which go to the heart


New client. Client known to me personally for years.


When reading about the proposed limitations for Travel and Subsistence Expenses for 'PSC's, I wondered how the large consultancies would take it. 


Is this an innovative way for a business to advertise or someone selling something they are unlikely to deliver?


I going to retire in 10 years time. I want to pass my practice on to one of my staff (let's call him JS) who has been with me for many years. We are not connected parties.


A client is wanting his accounts and tax return done quickly for a loan application.