I came to a rapid decision today to say goodbye to Mr Bloggs, who is running me ragged with silly questions. Tax return done and paid for a few weeks ago.


As a sole trader, if a start-up first tax return turnover and taxable profits are below the personal allowance.


Recently it was divulged which parts of the UK were paying the most and least tax. The average British taxpayer contributes £4,985 to the UK’s upkeep.


I have been discussing CIS with a client who is looking at taking on a new sub-contractor who is 16 years old.


I am wondering about subscribing to FL Memo. I feel I ought to have some sort of weighty tome on hand, but maybe the weight of the AWEb members' advice is superior!


A No vote on Thursday will trigger “a major, unprecedented programme of devolution”, with major new powers over tax for the Scottish Parliament, the prime minister said this afternoon after a p

There is an important VAT exemption for so-called ‘public interest bodies.’ However, over the past few years, HMRC have won a number of Tribunal cases, successfully arguing that their activities fa


I am dealing with one of my clients who is going to sell his business and will be paying corporation tax on the gain. My question is how should he extract his


I works for a small Recruitment firm who have just completed on placing 2 senior candidate into jobs in Mumbai, India. We are a UK company.


I've just exited from a truly awful HMRC webinar on penalties.