I have invested over £400,000 into my business over last 4 years.  This year I have started selling and will make approx.£100,000 profit.  If I pay this back to the directors loan account, will it


My clients works as an employee earning £60,000 per annum.  He receives a SA return request each year and I claim some expenses against his earnings which generally result in a refund of +/- £1,000



A client of mine has just received notification of a payment due to him in respect of an 'interest rate swap' loan.


As we all know, there may be significant capital allowances to be claimed when you purchase a commercial property, but as a mere accountant I do not feel I am in a position to advise my client on t


Hi and thanks to all,





Can anyone give me the low down on the tax treatment of leasing vans by a sole trader for use in the business please?

Hi wondered if someone can help. Company is owned 50/50 by a married couple, both in the same profession.



I have a small company registered in the Isle of Man (also VAT registered).

I don't live in the Isle of Man or the UK.


I wonder if someone can give me some advice ref.


I am often involved in advising on deregistration. Like registration for VAT, it is best planned, not guessed. And, like registration, it can trigger expensive errors.