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Starting a business can be an exciting time. Thus, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day detail of managing your premises, hiring staff and marketing your company.

One of my clients who pays personal tax in the US and the UK wants to appoint a UK-based firm to deal with his US personal tax affairs.


Transport for London has referred taxi app Uber to the Revenue over its tax affairs.

A relative has died and her will appoints my mother and another lady as executrices.


One of those perennial questions: - how does a Transfer of a Going Concern (TOGC) interact with VAT registration?


The client incorporated a farming business in the 60s.  Now retired two of the elderly director shareholders live in what used to be the farmhouse.  There is no longer a farming trade.  The company


To date we've only really had minimal goodwill valuations so haven't bothered getting pre approval (as the impact either way was negligible).  However, we've got a fairly hefty one we're looking at


1. You don't know what a 64-8 is.

2. You've never made a principal private residence election

3. You prepare tax returns, instead of offering a tax service