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An accounting firm has won an appeal against HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in a tax tribunal on a procedural point.


Income received from date of death, taxable on beneficiary on receipt ,

Does this mean that any income not distributed this year will be taxed under new regime?


Hi all,

We have received an invoice for a marketing conference in Germany with German VAT on it and I was wondering what is the best to go about recording this in Sage.


The upper-tier tribunal has rejected an appeal by Island Contract Management (UK) Ltd, who were attempting to overturn an earlier FTT ruling that it had sought to circumvent construction indust

An online petition started by an entrepreneur urging government to reconsider the new Dividend Tax for small busine


I'm doing a website for someone approx costs £5K, now they've just added this to my contract!

Whats he trying to do here?


My boss recently redeemed one of his overseas investments. The source of this investment was his offshore usd account.


so when my friend, who's finnish, first came to the UK a couple years ago, she worked as a contractor under an umbrella company.


Client is a self-employed private hire driver (slightly less than a taxi), owner driver, bought a Mercedes for 28k, 158G/KM, expected to use 5 years.