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The great and the good of the tax profession gathered in central London last night to raise a glass to outgoing Taxation editor Mike Truman.

Taxation magazine has started an online


The Autumn Statement (formerly known as the Pre-Budget Report) for 2013 will be provided by George Osborne on Thursday 5 December 2013.

The company gave an employee a brand new HD TV. It cost £600 and had a second-hand value of £250. How much do i report on a P11D? the cost of the asset to the company or the market value?


Over the years I have sent out a number of engagement letters and I freely admit I hate them!  The following is the basis for the engagement letter I would really like to


Sterling and Euro Corporate Bonds are I understand Qualifying Corporate Debt where, if I understand the situation correctly, Capital Gains are tax free if held in a personal capacity.