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Small accounting practices have more to deal with with issues like RTI and auto enrolment, yet many tax advisers will have less access to HMRC, according to ICPA chairman Tony Margaritelli.


Watch Tony Margaritelli's interview with Giles Mooney of TAXtv given at the begining of July.

When an accounting firm admits to failing in its duty of care to a client  and is sued by the client, one might assume that partners would end up with a large damages bill.


Company directors who are paid mainly through dividends that are later re-classified as salary, may not be liable for national insurance liabilities, a recent tax ruling suggests.


Giles Mooney says a staggeringly increased amount can be claimed on expensive car pools that are still in existence.


A tribunal decision that a laundry was a commercial building in an enterprise zone for the purpose of a claim to industrial buildings allowances may improve the chances of a successful loss rel

TAXtv's Giles Mooney discusses computers, technology and IT systems, and how adopting and using them properly can be beneficial to accountants.  

The challenges of proving shares are worthless to claim tax relief and how to decide when company directors are negligent in the eyes of the tax system were discussed by tax experts Giles Moone


What is the difference between an investment and a business under the tax system?

Should promoters of tax schemes refund investors if their schemes don’t work?