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By Paul Tooth, co-founder of BrightHR


A new customer has asked me if we encrypt our business email and suggested using PGP (or Pretty Good Privacy).

Do any other accountants in practice do this ?


Mobile devices, the cloud and social media are leading to huge changes in consumers’ expectations, says Digita's product manager Ian Cooper.

To help your final Christmas shopping plans, AccountingWEB's gadget fans have put their heads together to offer a selection of the year's most desirable technology toys.


The tech scene is a competitive market right now -- especially in Europe. Does a budding digital business base itself in Holland? Germany? Ireland?

I note commentary in Taxation approving of ‘High Tech’ solutions.  This would encompass (I gather) everyone signing up to the ‘Cloud’.


Technology is wonderful.  BUT:


Xero’s new find and recode feature is launching today.


The RBS has been fined £56m by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regula


ACCA is set to research how technologies such as cloud computing, social media and cyber security are affecting accountancy.