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The RBS has been fined £56m by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regula


ACCA is set to research how technologies such as cloud computing, social media and cyber security are affecting accountancy.

Professional Services companies who generate revenue through managing and delivering projects for clients need access to clear information about all projects and resources in order to gro

Love it or hate it, technology is permanently changing, and accountants are now expected to keep abreast of these fluctuations in order to keep clients happy.


Recently it was divulged which parts of the UK were paying the most and least tax. The average British taxpayer contributes £4,985 to the UK’s upkeep.


Following on from the popularity of an Any Answers post last year, in which a me


Cloud accounting software firm Xero is planning to expand its offering for practitioners with payroll and accounts production applications. Rachael Power reports. 


TAXtv's Giles Mooney discusses computers, technology and IT systems, and how adopting and using them properly can be beneficial to accountants.  

Inspired by my visit to Accountex, I take a look at new technologies such as apps, updates to cloud accounting and live bank feeds. 

Expenses software Kagazz has released a version of their app for Apple devices.